Reasons why God may not answer prayers immediately or at all.


I even have often questioned why even little plans I contend not succeed. God might have given Pine Tree State that job. He could have helped me if He extremely white-haired. we regularly assume on these lines, don’t we? we’ve loads of queries we would like God to answer very as Job had once he went through a crisis unfold. He suffered greatly associated when his patience ran out, he began to handle the Lord of the universe posing for insight into His ways that} and for a perceiving Why had He permitted the circumstances that had thrown his life into chaos?

Why God Doesn’t Answer Some Prayers?

Not knowing is terribly disturbing. thus I assumed I’d share the limited I understand from the Bible concerning the guts of God which God needs to tell everybody who is penitent and humble to listen. we tend to continually stand before a righteous Saviour and God who had excellent knowledge and associated understanding.

Job too confessed that his understanding was deficient and he had raised queries the answers of that we tend tore lofty for him to understand. Job finished confessing that he was too weak to see a mighty God and repented in mud and ashes.

Why Some Prayers Seem To Go Unanswered

God needs to liberate us from the bondage of ignorance. He wants us to be clear concerning the trail and direction he’s taking us. we have the liberty to ask and receive an answer. but we should quest Spirit and in truth. If our hearts are too burdened or fixed in several cares, we too are just like the seed that fell among the thorns that couldn’t bear any fruit.

God expects that we listen knowing that he’s sensible and He really cares. affirmative it’s true, we don’t continually perceive and that we would like God to clarify things for us. however, God expects that we have a fertile heart so the seed of the Word He speaks can take roots and be firm for God to boost it up.

For so the Words He speaks ne’er return void and that they might bear no fruit if He were to talk notwithstanding our heart condition. it’s imperative for the US to arrange our hearts before we gift our inquiries to God so He will speak clearly and audibly to us. Sufferings and trials usually prepare us so that we feel able to listen once we are in an onerous place. we would like urgently to listen to God so that He can illume our ways. The superb truth is that He can show us what we do wrong and steer us in the right direction.

How To Trust God When Prayers Go Unanswered.

His ways that are really on the far side searching for unless we tend to humble ourselves associated let Him hold the US near to His heart. we tend to be unfortunate that we serve a captivated God who needs us to concentrate on His heartbeat. His plans are too grandiose and He solely will the simplest.

I even have a girl I don’t let eat ice cream from a hawker. I would like her to own the best doable ice cream. thus I take her to a parlour with the acquisition and grand trying seats, a musical atmosphere and pure recent air to let her enjoy her treat.

thus it’s with God. we would like to select one thing that is straightforward by the roadside. however, He says, “Wait, I’ll you’re taking you to the parlour.” usually the parlour could be a very little approach off. we tend to might ought to walk a little, and it often is beneath construction. The folks that were presupposed to build the parlour were facing some hassle then we too wait outside till the parlour is inaugurated and we will then enter.


How To Find Peace When Prayers Go Unanswered.

See, however easy life is if solely we perceive that our Father is just too great for the US to simply decipher. He continually makes terribly grand and elaborate plans for every one of His youngsters. But, we tend to His children are often slow to understand. we would like things, even the tiniest crumbs during a hurry.

we tend to aren’t willing to attend for God or on God for His best and this is often the unfortunate reason why several Christians are pained and bitter at God. they’re not willing to praise Him with all their heart. they need hassle asking, in order that they don’t receive. They don’t even have a walk with Him as a result of they assume it’s useless and He won’t serve them even a dime.


we tend to see Him objectively through the lens of ‘What will He do for me? Well, He even couldn’t save Himself from the cross? this is often no thanks to assuming as a result it indicates that your heart has been embittered towards God and you’re not willing to provide God a second likelihood to figure on your heart,

Your Feelings  And Your Life.

Trust Me, He will merit your love and affection. He waits and longs for your prayer. He needs to decorate up your way. he’s involved in your eternal future. He will not need your life to count for anything however He needs you to be a master and receive the simplest rewards in Heaven.

God solely calls the unqualified. He is aware that an excessive amount of qualifications could be a deterrent to progress. To progress with God, we regularly got to empty ourselves of all our achievements and our data and are available to Him sort of a very little kid willing to be told from Him and trust Him with all our heart.

He does want us that we tend to walk the complete distance with Him as a result of He has most to show and to share. He really could be a captivated and diligent Father who deeply loves us. He needs the simplest and can be by your aspect each day of your life – to observe over you and to provide you your heart’s desires.


Steadfast love is what makes us victorious in Him. His Presence takes away all the thorns and also the thistles that choke out His word. He wants to celebrate with you. He wants to smile with you and He wants to fancy your love.

He wants you to show to Him in every moment of your life. He truly understands everything you go through. He really appearance forward to your love. however, we tend to are usually fixed on worldly cares.

we tend to merely fail to grasp His language to us. His language is incredibly clear and evident within the Bible. His language is one in all perfection, goodness, the sweetness of soul, and faithfulness. he’s symbolic of final love and perfection and grandeur. he’s really an exquisite Father to induce to know. we would like to steer with Him,


into His glory, as a result of there’s nobody else like Him. He alone is perfect. whereas we were sinners, He still white-haired us and gave His own Son for us. however nice is His love towards us! so he’s warranted our praises and our complete love. simply do His Word and after you fail, flip back and raise Him to provide you the strength and charm to try and do His Will.

Don’t Assume He Loves You Less As A Result Of  You Failing Him.

His love is unchangeable. His love ne’er ends. there’s no length or depth or height to His love that is aware of NO LIMITS. this is often the marvelous God we tend to serve. he’s the Alpha and also the Omega. God of all creation and master planner of the Universe, He really is knowledge personified. he’s continually thinking of you and designing everything to your advantage.


the very fact is we are too easy {to comprehend|to grasp|to perceive} His huge, humungous plans for our life and that we accept the littlest that we are able to receive. we tend to don’t understand that God doesn’t need the US to settle for second best.

His love is so huge than nice that He needs to lavish the simplest things on us. we tend to too should receive the large gifts and not be stuck on receiving the littlest gift as a result of God needs the US to figure towards the simplest setup He has for us.

 Don’t Set Your Aim Low.

you’ll not have that that you wish because God will provide you with one thing that’s unattainable for you to think. so this is often the key that Joseph discovered. patriarch additionally understood that God would solely provide him his 1st son once he became God-minded – jealous of infinite youngsters just like the stars of the sky.

we expect he waited extremely long. however, it wasn’t most concerning the time because it was concerning the ultimate result. it had been about giving the patriarch a title that may be His unto eternity. it had been about the glory that would comprehend him in heaven.

The position and also the rank that Abraham is entitled to as a result of his diligent perseverance wasn’t one thing he might pay a value for however God’s knowledge saw Abraham rise sort of a star and shine brightly into the remainder of eternity. Amen.


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