Who’s The Smartest And Most Cunning? Man Or a Woman?


In a test of general intelligence, a 2002 study by psychologist Dean Keith Simons and colleagues revealed that men are more likely to outperform women in general intelligence tests. This is likely due to a combination of factors,

including the following: (i) larger differences in the average IQ scores of men and women in the first two grades of elementary school and (ii) greater variance in IQ scores by gender (due to a greater number of male outliers). Studies have also shown that men are more likely to be exposed to testosterone in childhood, which is associated with greater math ability (B.


Men are from Mars, women are from Venus: who is the smarter and more cunning of the two?

Provided for the purposes of this test only, brains are more intelligent than brawn and, according to gender, are more intelligent overall. Although it is unknown if a woman’s and man’s brains are the same size or even anatomically similar,

a woman’s brain typically has a larger volume and is more complex than a man’s. Male brains, on the other hand, tend to be smaller, but are more efficient. This suggests that men’s brains are better suited to logical activities such as problem solving and analysis, whereas women’

Both men and women have a range of personalities and abilities. While intelligence is only valued when it is applied to solving complex problems and when it comes to interacting with people, cleverness is valued in many different ways. Cleverness is often associated with creativity and a “can-do” attitude. Being clever can also be useful when trying to develop new strategies and come up with new ideas.



Gender wars: who is the smarter and more cunning sex?

The question is, who is smarter and cleverer? According to the results of a series of Guess! advertisements, men are more likely to be correct than women. But women are more likely to correctly identify who is more intelligent.




Girl Or Male?

This query is being positioned with the aid of using the sector from time immemorial. Scholars are of various opinions. Some say male and others say, girl.







But a becoming solution has been given with the aid of using a Tamil poet with the aid of using call Karmega kavignar. He has written an ee-e-book titled ‘Kongu mandala sathakam’ wherein he has replied to this query.

Kongu mandala is the prevailing Coimbatore place of Tamilnadu, India. This sathakam includes a hundred verses that offer the dignity of this well-known place.
In verse no sixty-five the poet offers an actual tale that has taken place in Sangagiri, a small metropolis in the Kongu region.

Once there lived a first-rate poet with the aid of using the call Emperuman. He has composed first-rate paintings known as ‘Takkai Isai Ramayanam” His call and repute changed into unfolding throughout the long way off the land and lots of poets have been having become his buddies.

They used to return back to Karamega kavignar’s residence for beneficial literary debate.
Once as a regular a few students got here to his residence. But the poet changed into now no longer there as he changed away to finish a pressing task.

His spouse Poongothai, with the aid of using call, changed into very sensible and clever. As in step with the exercise of the olden days, she stored herself withinside the residence and the students sat in the small frontal region of the residence. They commenced chatting.

Who Are The Smarter And More Cunning Of The Two?

During the direction of their communication, one poet stated casually that despite the fact that the ladies are found out one cannot anticipate them to be mature. The different one stated the ladies in widespread aren’t in any respect sensible and clever. The 1/3 one stated they may be intended best for cooking and cited the children.

Poongothai who changed in withinside the front corridor of the residence listened to all this debate.
All those factors have been heard with the aid of using Poongothai. Immediately she has written a poem in a Venba format, a form of prosody in Tamil, in a small palm leaf and despatched it to the debating geniuses thru a small child.

The poem written with the aid of using her changed into examining out loudly. It stated, ” In truth best girl is greater matured and male is much less sensible and on no account that tons clever. Can’t you realize, oh, a female best is aware as soon as she conceives? But no guy beneath neath the earth should recognize ever whether or not he has given a start to a boy or girl.”

All the poets have been very tons taken aback to peer this significant poem. This poem gave the first-rate perception to them all.

Suddenly they all burst into the corridor and prostrated earlier than Poongothai and apologized. They beg her to pardon them.

At the very second the first-rate poet, Poongothai’s husband entered the residence and changed into a bewildered peer all of his buddies have been on the ft of his spouse.

He found out what had taken place.



The Battle Of The Sexes: Who Is The Smarter And More Cunning Of The Two?

Everybody praised each husband and spouse and the information unfold like a wildfire.
The King additionally heard this incident and he is known as the poet and prostrated earlier than Poongoathai.

Poongothai, as a result, has become very well-known and the very hard query changed into as a result replied fittingly.

A traditional painting in Tamil known as ‘ Neeti Venba’ is certainly considered one among its verses (verse no 30) defines an excellent female as a result:

She might be stunning like gold. She may have persistence just like the earth. She who has the stunning breasts will deliver sexual pride withinside the mattress to her husband like a prostitute and she or he will assist her husband like a found-out minister in any respect times.

True, Women are first-rate, have greater sensitivity, and are greater cleverer than guys!


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